Antivoid Alliance are an ever-expanding artist collective exploring the intersection between radical politics and performative artmaking. Resisting hierarchy and formal affiliation, operating as a shifting configuration of collaborators, kindred spirits and contributors both real and imagined, human and other. The audio-visual output from AA includes live AV performance; audio, voice/spoken word, improvised noise and movement, video installation, live art intervention, interaction, film, graphics.

S.P.A.M JAM Broadcast

One hour live broadcast for RADIOPHRENIA: a temporary art radio station from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

Performing noise 01–2023

Reading, performance and audio stream @Live From 82: a 7-hour radio event broadcast live from the Resonance Extra studios in London.

Radiant Heretic Potlatch 12–2022

A midwinter maelstrom in the basement of Brighton’s Rossi Bar. A book launch, a gig, an art happening, and a performance — a midwinter channeling of the wild beyond.

S.P.A.M JAM 06–2021

 “Where would we address our voice today?” The spoken word event @Brighton Electric recording studios facilitated an afternoon of joyous resistance, reverberation and resonance — of (Social Parrhesia As Musical JAM).

Amass Radiant Heretics … Beneath The Flailing Sprawl 12–2020

A 17-hour live stream on Winter Solstice via Twitch. Described as “The artschool promise that actually materialised”, the event was a joyous escape vector during the darkest night of lockdown 2020.


Selected for screening in the EXPERIMENTA FILM category in the Brighton Cinecity Film Festival @Fabrica gallery.

Fractal Egg Karaoke Klub 2 08–2019

Expanded 360 film installation and a live Karaoke intervention @Project78 Gallery in St Leonards on Sea.


Working with Venice Biennale performance artist Yumino Seki, the collective presented a major moving image commission for Coastal Currents Festival titled: ‘Welcome to the Antivoid’. The piece continued the colletive’s engagement with notions of technology, hyperstition and the agency of non-anthropic forces.

Hyperstitional Intervention 12–2017

The live audio-visual work was performed @ Spirit of Gravity: a monthly experimental live performance event in Brighton. ‘Hyperstitional Intervention’ was founded on a speculative conception of ‘The Antivoid’ — an imagining of the audio-visual physicality after capitalism.

Pink Street 06–2017

Public intervention and audio recording @St George’s Place, Brighton. Flint stone excavated from Hoxne, together with Cherry Bakewell shampoo from the Poundshop, were used as visual aids to guide the discussion on techno-capitalist origins and libidinous-affectual flows.

The Hyperstitional Object 2017

Speculative essay

Outside-outside Manifesto

A micro manifesto for escaping the shitshow we are in.

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